Friday, September 05, 2008

What? Speak up

Do you wish to leave your health care in the hands of government bureaucrats? If so, then you too can be treated just like this fellow in Britain who has to deal with severe chronic earwax buildup. He had to phone clinic after clinic until he found someone that would even perform a cerumen flush, and the office that finally agreed to see him then scheduled him for a consultation 13 weeks from the date he called. Worse, he was told that the wax wouldn't be removed at the consultation, and that he would have to come back yet again at an even later date to finally have it removed.

If this sort of treatment is the norm for a problem as minor as this, imagine the effect these kinds of antics have on patients attempting to get really serious problems addressed.

Still want to have socialized medicine in this country?


goooooood girl said...

Very good......

Bike Bubba said...

This is actually very significant, as this kind of thing is generally done here by a family medicine or general practicioner--this indicates that not only does socialized medicine fail to get complex procedures done, it also is starting to fail in the basics.