Saturday, April 04, 2009

Methinks he won't be a "senior" trooper for long at this rate

South Carolina State Police Senior Trooper J.D. McGaha, running late to get to his assigned task of directing traffic at the Carolina Cup horse race, apparently thought he was in some sort of race, as he was pulled over by another trooper for doing 131 mph in a 70 mph zone in his unmarked vehicle.

The other trooper correctly gave McGaha a ticket potentially worth $355 and six points on his license, in spite of his attempting to "tin" his way out of the stop:

"While McGaha was being stopped, he flashed the car’s police lights, presumably to let the trooper know he was a police officer, Keel said."

Very bush league, Trooper McGaha.

McGaha was suspended without pay for three days, and has also lost the privilege of driving an unmarked cruiser (depending on how many points he already has on his record, his days of driving any police vehicle may be numbered).

Many thanks to the unnamed ticketing trooper and to South Carolina DPS director Mark Keel, who both understand that there was absolutely no justification for McGaha to abuse his police powers and endanger the other drivers on the road simply because he overslept or was waiting for his laundry to dry. They took exactly the right actions regarding Trooper Speedy, despite one commenter on the story named "heelz972", who seems to believe in the good ol' "blue wall of silence":

"hope that the trooper that stopped him doesnt have to depend on him to save his life not saying the speeding was justified but you just dont turn your back on your own."

Well at least the commenter picked an appropriate username. They are a heel.

It's just that sort of feckless attitude that allows cops to think that they are "special people" who don't have to answer to the same laws as the rest of the peasants. I wonder if "heelz" is one of those officers?

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