Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The President's definitely having a bad day today

The top two headlines in today's print edition of the Arizona Republic:

"GOP wins signal trouble for Dems" (New Jersey and Virginia governor races both won by Republicans)

"Health reform snarled in Senate" (Senator Harry Reid announces that a bill may not be voted on until sometime next year)

It's too early to label these developments a complete repudiation of President Obama's odious attempt to turn our nation into a model of socialism, but things are definitely trending in the correct direction.

We bid an especially heartfelt adieu to "limousine liberal" New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine, who is by most accounts one of the bigger jerks currently occupying a state's top position (he's also quite the hypocrite as well).


P said...

The only folds having a worse day are the GOP jesters. They too, do not get it at all.

Anonymous said...

Let us look at this. An extremely unpopular governor in New Jersey gets voted out, and it is a referendum on Obama? I doubt it, because the President has a good approval rating in New Jersey. He also has a better approval rating in Virginia. In New York in a House race, a Democrat soundly defeated an extreme conservative who had forced the endorsed republican out of the race, and in a solidly Republican district, at that. You don't hear about that one from the right wing, do you?

The governor's races were state politics and not a national referendum. As the Republicans embrace the ultra-right-wing crazies, I think they will go down in burning defeat. Note that the Republicans that won the gubernatorial races were not ultra-conservative.