Saturday, March 19, 2011

We won't be silenced

We received our first anonymous death threat the other day, courtesy of a cowardly supporter of Dear Leader:

"I like our president. I used to like you for good commentary on firearms rights. You do understand firearms rights, but you understand nothing else. I hope that ALL conservatives get killed soon. I have tried to reason with you before, and you were even open to discussion once, but now you are a pure, utter, nasty, cruel liar for the wingnuts who want to destroy the Constitution and American freedom.

I live in MN. Stay in AZ. If I find that you have come back up here, watch out; I have firearms too, I know how to use them, and you will not see me coming."

This rant is par for the course for the sorts of leftist thugs and bullies who loudly professed a desire for "civility" and "reasoned discourse" in the wake of the Tucson tragedy, at least until one politely disagrees with their views as well as their idol's political agenda.  Then, as we see here, the gloves come off and their true tendencies in favor of censorship and intimidation once again bubble to the surface.

(By the way, thanks for ironically helping to make one of the anti-gun lobby's main arguments for them, numbnuts.)

This troll actually isn't as anonymous as he thinks he is.  An alert friend of ours who works in IT has traced the IP address of the commenter, and it appears that our would-be silencer is a Minnesota state government worker (no big surprise there).  Our attempt to further ID the person is ongoing.

We decided to do the responsible and prudent thing and report this matter to the Scottsdale Police Department, although we didn't think that action would do much good.  Sure enough, Officer Johnson of that agency informs us that Zippy's rantings don't rise to the level of a "direct threat" (although it certainly seems that way to us), happens to be just "Internet talk" and thus we are completely on our own unless further specific statements or actions are made. 

We do disagree with Officer Johnson's conclusion and will soon be escalating our criminal complaint to a higher pay grade at SPD, but in the meantime we are perfectly capable of self-protection and refuse to be cowed by this cheap threat.  This behavior in our experience is typical of most Obama supporters, as they are intellectually incapable of defending their hero's socialist policies and so must resort to these types of thuggish behaviors out of infantile frustration.

Bullies such as this Obamanoid clown are the reason we fight so hard for the right of everyone in America to be able to lawfully carry firearms for self-defense purposes.

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Grace R said...

I think it's unfair to use this wacko's threats as evidence of some kind of violence-prone leftist ideology. Crazy comes all along the political spectrum. I could easily argue violence tendencies on the right side as well. Tim McVeigh was VERY much on the right, as are many hate groups. (no, I don't think that all conservatives are skin heads! LOL!)

Extremist ideology is what leads to violence. From Lenin to Hitler to Bin Laden, it's historically evident that it's more productive for society to be towards the middle. I believe that anyone who finds themselves at either end of the political spectrum is someone to be cautious of.

Even though we don't generally agree a lot on politics, don't let this sicko keep you down!